About Dushi-Online

Shopping online and e-commerce business is growing incredibly fast. Dushi-Online offers the Curacao entrepreneur community services to capitalize opportunities on the world wide web. We provide our experience, skills & knowhow on setting up and exploiting your e-commerce processes. Dushi-Online guides you towards a secure, trustful web shop and technology platform to get you on track.

In going online, and introducing e-commerce for your clients, we support in:

  • Creation of web shop integrated websites
  • Implementation of trustful international payment methods
  • Effective digital marketing consulting
  • Customer support facilities

With our solutions we help your business to cross international borders, attract new customers and build sustainable customer relations.

If you are interested, have any questions, or just want to talk about your e-commerce ambitions, please contact us:

T: +5999 692 2404
E: info@dushi-online.com